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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Zinc (Zn) in foil, sheet and wire form in various different quantities. 

Our online catalogue makes it easy to buy high purity (99.99%) Zinc online.

Why Buy Zinc?

Zinc is a lustrous metal with a bluish tinge. Whilst brittle at ambient temperatures, it becomes malleable between 100 degrees C-150 degrees C. Widely used in industry, a large proportion of zinc is used as a galvanic coating for metals and alloys to prevent corrosion. It is also used in several types of alloy including brass.

Zinc metal is used in dry batteries and as an electrode in a daniell cell. Zinc oxide is used in paints, rubber products, electrical equipment and ointments, due to its soothing qualities.


Showing 3 product lines

Zinc Wire

Line Number & MaterialDiameterPurityDescription
ZN5642 Zinc Wire 0.38 mm99.97%Temper as drawn.View item
ZN5643 Zinc Wire 1 mm99.99%Temper as drawn.View item
ZN5644 Zinc Wire 2 mm99.99%Temper as drawn.View item

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