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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Vanadium (V) foil and wire in various different quantities.

Vanadium is a silvery grey metal, soft and ductile, with good corrosion resistance. Approximately 80% of vanadium produced is used as an additive for steels or as ferrovanadium.

Ferrovanadium is an iron vanadium alloy which, when added to steels, removes occluded oxygen and nitrogen, thus strengthening the material. Vanadium foil is used as a bonding agent in titanium to steel. Compounds of vanadium are used for printing fabrics and dyeing.


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Vanadium Wire

Line Number & MaterialDiameterPurityDescription
V5630 Vanadium Wire 0.25 mm99.8%Temper annealed. Condition Clean.View item
V5631 Vanadium Wire 0.5 mm99.8%Temper annealed. Condition Clean.View item
V5633 Vanadium Wire 0.5 mm99.98+%Temper annealed Cold drawn. Electron beam melted. Finish clean.View item
V5629 Vanadium Wire 1 mm99.8%Temper annealed Vacuum melted. Hot drawn finish.View item
V5632 Vanadium Wire 2 mm99.9%Temper Stress Relieved.View item

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