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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Titanium (Ti) in foil, sheet, plate, wire and rod form, in various sizes and quantities. 

Titanium is a hard, silvery metal with a low density but very high strength. It is as strong as steel but with a much lower density. Additionally it is resistant to corrosion. As a result it has been revolutionary in the medical industry, providing parts for joint replacement. This highly desirable combination of a low density coupled to high strength has meant that titanium is used in a variety of fields.

Titanium rods have been used in making the grills for cricket helmets for players at the very highest level, where the very best protection is required, irrespective of the price.

Spectacle frames and tennis rackets are other articles that have benefited from the use of titanium in certain models. Alloyed with several different metals, it is used in the aerospace industry for airframes and engines, where its properties are ideal.



Titanium Plate

Line Number & MaterialThicknessPurityDescription
TI2290 Titanium Plate 6.0 mm99.6+%Temper annealed.View item
TI2283 Titanium Plate 8.0 mm99.6+%Temper annealed.View item
TI2288 Titanium Plate 9.0 mm99.6+%Temper annealed.View item
TI2289 Titanium Plate 10 mm99.6+%Temper annealed.View item

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