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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Tin (Sn) in foil, sheet, wire and ingot form in various different quantities.

Tin is a silvery white metal, malleable and ductile, with a highly crystalline structure. It is due to this crystalline structure that it emits a characteristic sound when bent known as tin cry. Due to its good chemical resistance tin is used as a coating for metals to prevent corrosion or other chemical action.

As an alloying agent it is important in the manufacture of soft solders, pewter and bronze. Tin salts are used to make electrically conductive coatings such as those used for frost free wind shields on cars.


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Tin Lump

Line Number & MaterialThicknessPurityDescription
SN9012 Tin Lump 0.25 mm99.95%Foil Off-Cuts.View item

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