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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Rhenium (Re) in foil, wire, rod and ribbon form in various different quantities.

Rhenium is a silvery white metal with a high density. It has good wear resistance and resists corrosion and oxidation. This makes it appropriate to use in electrical contacts. Rhenium has a very high melting point. A rhenium tungsten alloy is used in electrical filaments and to make thermocouples capable of measuring temperatures up to 2200 degrees C.

Other applications include use as filaments for mass spectrographs and the use of rhenium wire in flash lamps for photography.


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Rhenium Ribbon

Line Number & MaterialThicknessPurityDescription
RE2016 Rhenium Ribbon 0.025 mm99.99%Temper annealed.View item
RE2009 Rhenium Ribbon 0.025 mm99.99%Temper annealed.View item
RE2011 Rhenium Ribbon 0.03 mm99.99%Temper annealed.View item
RE2015 Rhenium Ribbon 0.04 mm99.99%Temper annealed.View item
RE2012 Rhenium Ribbon 0.05 mm99.99%Temper annealed.View item

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