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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Nickel (Ni) in foil, wire, mesh and rod form. We also sell Nickel alloys in foil, sheet, wire, insulated wire and rod form.

Nickel is a silver-white, malleable and ductile metal. It is also a reasonable conductor of heat and electricity. It is widely useful in forming different corrosion-resistant alloys. Additionally in the metallic form it has applications in batteries and electroplating. Nickel plating is used as a protective coating for other metals, notably in coinage.



Nickel WOVEN Mesh / Gauze

Line Number & MaterialDimensionsPurityDescription
NI5357 Nickel WOVEN Mesh / Gauze 60 mesh per inch99.0%558/ Plain weave. Wire diameter 0.17mm.
Aperture: 0.25 mm
Open Area: 36%
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