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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Molybdenum (Mo) in a large number of different forms. Molybdenum Foil, sheet, plate, wire, mesh, tube and rod are available in various sizes and quantities. 

Molybdenum is an extremely hard metal, making it a useful alloying agent in the manufacture of high strength steels. It is one of the refractory metals which have very high melting points. This particularly increases the strength of these steels at high temperatures.

Molybdenum is lustrous and silver, with many physical similarities to tungsten. Other applications include use in electrodes for electrically heated glass furnaces, use in missile and aircraft parts and as a filament material in electrical components. When doped with Si and K molybdenum has high recrystallisation properties.



Molybdenum WOVEN Mesh / Gauze

Line Number & MaterialDimensionsPurityDescription
MO5325 Molybdenum WOVEN Mesh / Gauze 100 mesh per inch99.95%1550/cm sq. Plain weave. Wire diameter 0.1mm.
Aperture: 0.15 mm
Open Area: 36%
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