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Advent Research Materials Ltd is a leading online supplier of Magnesium (Mg). We sell Magnesium in sheet form with a purity of 99.9%

Magnesium is a soft metal, that tarnishes slightly in air, and is normally coated with an oxide. Characteristically it readily ignites in the finely divided state, to burn with a striking white flame. Magnesium is part of group 2 on the periodic table, named the alkaline earth metals, which have notably different properties to most in the transition metal block. For example the melting point of magnesium is 650 degrees C, low in comparison to most transition metals.

Due to the combustion properties of magnesium it is used in flares and various forms of pyrotechnics. Other applications include use in computers for radio-frequency shielding and in lightweight alloys of high strength, used for aircraft and car engine casings.


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Magnesium Sheet

Line Number & MaterialThicknessPurityDescription
MG1749 Magnesium Sheet 0.25 mm99.9%Temper as rolled.View item
MG1750 Magnesium Sheet 0.5 mm99.9%Temper as rolled.View item
MG1751 Magnesium Sheet 1.0 mm99.9%Temper as rolled.View item
MG1752 Magnesium Sheet 2.0 mm99.9%Temper as rolled.View item

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