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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Lead (Pb) in foil, sheet, wire and rod form in various different quantities. 

Lead is a lustrous metal that is extremely soft, highly malleable and ductile. It is a poor electrical conductor, fairly corrosion resistant, but does tarnish upon prolonged exposure to air. The applications for lead cover a broad scale.

It was originally used by the romans for plumbing, but has been phased out due to environmental concerns over lead poisoning. Similarly it has been used extensively in paints, and as an antiknock compound in petrol. However with increasing awareness over the health hazards involved, its use has been dramatically reduced. The metal provides an extremely effective shield to radiation, and hence is used as a radiation shield around X-ray equipment and nuclear reactors.


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Lead Wire

Line Number & MaterialDiameterPurityDescription
PB5282 Lead Wire 0.5 mm99.0%Temper as drawn.View item
PB5284 Lead Wire 0.75 mm99.99%Temper as drawn.View item
PB5283 Lead Wire 1 mm99.0%Temper as drawn.View item
PB5281 Lead Wire 1 mm99.99%Temper as drawn.View item
PB5285 Lead Wire 1.6 mm99.99%Temper as drawn.View item
PB5286 Lead Wire 2 mm99.99%Temper as drawn.View item
PB5288 Lead Wire 2 mm99.999%High Purity Temper as drawn.View item
PB5290 Lead Wire 3 mm99.97%Temper as drawn.View item

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