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Advent Research Materials Ltd supplies Iridium (Ir) in foil, wire and disc form in various different quantities. 

Iridium is an extremely hard and brittle metal, making it difficult to machine and form. The high costs involved in forming cause the cost per gram to rise sharply when formed from the basic material into a wire or foil. Iridium is the most corrosion resistant metal known, and can act as a hardening agent when alloyed to elements such as gold and platinum.

It is also used for making crucibles and other high temperature apparatus. Other applications include use in Pt/Ir spark plugs and electrical contacts.


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Iridium Foil

Line Number & MaterialThicknessPurityDescription
IR1620 Iridium Foil 0.025 mm99.9%Temper As Rolled.View item
IR1616 Iridium Foil 0.050 mm99.9%Temper as rolled.View item
IR1617 Iridium Foil 0.125 mm99.9%Temper as rolled.View item
IR1619 Iridium Foil 0.25 mm99.9%Temper annealed.View item

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