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Advent Research Materials Ltd are a leading global supplier of Copper (Cu) in foil, sheet, wire, insulated wire, rod, tube, ribbon and mesh/gauze form in various different quantities.

Copper is one of the few metals that is found in its pure form as a un-compounded mineral.  As a result it was known by some of the oldest civilizations on record.  Since then it has been used extensively in both its pure and alloyed form.

Copper is a malleable and ductile metal with reddish / brownish colour and exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity, second only to silver.  Coppers mechanical properties allow it to be easily be drawn into wire form, along with coppers excellent electrical conductivity and most importantly coppers relatively low cost has resulted in its extensive use in many different types of electrical work.  Coppers’ high thermal conductivity also makes it useful as heat sinks or heat exchangers. 

For many applications pure copper is too soft.  As a result copper is used in many different alloy combinations, such as brass (copper-zinc) and bronze (copper-tin).  Copper and its alloys have numerous applications, such as piping, architecture and industry, household products etc..   Copper is also one of the major coinage metals.

Further properties of Copper have been outlined below:

  • Copper Melting point 1084.62 °C
  • Copper Density 8920 kgm-3
  • Copper Young’s modulus 130 GPa
  • Copper Poisson’s ratio 0.34
  • Copper Electrical Resistivity 1.72 x 10-8 Wm
  • Copper Thermal Conductivity 400 W m-1 K-1

Copper Rod

Line Number & MaterialDiameterPurityDescription
CU5133 Copper Rod 6.35 mm99.99+%Temper hard drawn OFHC C110.View item
CU5135 Copper Rod 9.52 mm99.99+%Temper hard drawn OFHC C110.View item
CU5130 Copper Rod 12.7 mm99.99+%Temper hard drawn OFHC C110.View item
CU5163 Copper Rod 16 mm99.99+%Temper hard drawn OFHC C110.View item
CU5131 Copper Rod 25 mm99.99+%Temper hard drawn OFHC C110.View item
CU5132 Copper Rod 50 mm99.99%Temper hard drawn OFHC C110.View item
CU5129 Copper Rod 80 mm99.99+%Temper hard drawn OFHC C110.View item

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