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Platinum /Iridium

Platinum-iridium alloys are alloys of the platinum group precious metals platinum and iridium.

Typical alloy proportions are 90:10 or 70:30 (Pt:Ir). These have the chemical stability of platinum, but increased hardness. The Vickers hardness of pure platinum is 56 HV while platinum with 50% of iridium can reach over 500 HV.

Their well-known use is in metrology, where they are used to make the international prototypes used by international standards bodies for mass standards such as the international prototype of the kilogram and the international prototype of the metre, although both have been superseded during the 2019 redefinition of the SI base units.

The other extremely widespread use for Pt/Ir alloy is fabrication of metal microelectrodes for electrical stimulation of nervous tissue and electrophysiological recordings.Pt/Ir alloy has an optimal combination of mechanical and electrochemical properties for this application.

Pure iridium is very difficult to pull into small diameter wires; at the same time, platinum has a low Young's modulus which makes pure platinum wires bend too easily during insertion into nervous tissue.

Additionally, platinum-iridium alloys containing oxides of both metals can be electro-deposited onto the surface of microelectrodes.

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Platinum /Iridium Wire

Line Number & MaterialDiameterCompositionDescription
PT6713 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.125 mmPt80/Ir20Temper hard.View item
PT6711 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.2 mmPt80/Ir20Temper hard.View item
PT6710 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.25 mmPt80/Ir20Temper hard.View item
PT6714 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.5 mmPt80/Ir20Temper hard.View item
PT6712 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.75 mmPt80/Ir20Temper hard.View item
PT6751 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.01 mmPt90/Ir10Temper Hard.View item
PT6752 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.0125 mmPt90/Ir10Temper Hard.View item
PT6753 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.015 mmPt90/Ir10Temper Hard.View item
PT6754 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.02 mmPt90/Ir10Temper Hard.View item
PT6731 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.025 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard.View item
PT6733 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.05 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard.View item
PT6755 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.05 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard. High Tensile Strength.View item
PT6734 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.075 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard.View item
PT6732 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.075 mmPt90/Ir10Temper Annealead. Stress Relieved.View item
PT6735 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.125 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard.View item
PT6739 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.2 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard.View item
PT6736 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.25 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard.View item
PT6737 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.4 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard.View item
PT6738 Platinum /Iridium Wire 0.5 mmPt90/Ir10Temper hard.View item

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