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This is a 5000 series aluminium alloy with a composition very close to that of alloy 5454, which is a non-heat treatable aluminium alloy.

In these alloys, Magnesium is added to the Aluminium to increase the strength of the material through solid solution hardening.  To increase the hardness of the alloy and material needs to be cold worked.  It can be hot worked but only under a limited temperature range.

This alloy has excellent weldability and is commonly used in various welded engineering applications.

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Aluminium/Magnesium Tube

Line Number & MaterialDimensionsCompositionDescription
AL7040 Aluminium/Magnesium Tube 1 x 0.1 mm (o.d. x wall)Al96.35/Mg2/Mn0.5Temper as Drawn.View item

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