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Advent Research Materials

Advent Research Materials

Advent Research Materials is an Oxford-based company that has operated for over 25 years, supplying high purity metals, alloys and polymers to the scientific research community across the globe.

Advent's purpose is to enable scientists to experiment, innovate and iterate with a wide range of materials throughout the research process. Consequently it aims to provide as much choice as possible to the customer.

Advent operates in a niche market on a global scale. It sells to over 85 countries around the globe, and supplies materials to all the major UK Universities. Our commercial customer base is also extensive, which ensures that Advent’s materials are in use at the forefront of the scientific industry.

Advent is able to differentiate itself from a number of its competitors, as it typically provides all its catalogue items "off the shelf" in a fast, efficient and friendly manner.

Advent Research Materials Product Catalogue

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