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Vanadium is a silvery grey metal, soft and ductile, with good corrosion resistance. Approximately 80% of vanadium produced is used as an additive for steels or as ferrovanadium. Ferrovanadium is an iron vanadium alloy which, when added to steels, removes occluded oxygen and nitrogen, thus strengthening the material. Vanadium foil is used as a bonding agent in titanium to steel. Compounds of vanadium are used for printing fabrics and dyeing.

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Product line
V2355Vanadium Foil 0.025 mm (thickness) Purity 99.8%Temper as rolled - Not Light Tight
V2358Vanadium Foil 0.025 mm (thickness) Purity 99.8%Temper as rolled - Light Tight
V2356Vanadium Foil 0.040 mm (thickness) Purity 99.8%Temper as rolled - Not Light Tight
V2357Vanadium Foil 0.125 mm (thickness) Purity 99.8%Temper as rolled
V2360Vanadium Foil 0.25 mm (thickness) Purity 99.8%Temper annealed. Finish oxidised
V5630Vanadium Wire 0.25 mm (diameter) Purity 99.8%Temper annealed. Finish clean
V5631Vanadium Wire 0.50 mm (diameter) Purity 99.8%Temper annealed . Finish clean
V5633Vanadium Wire 0.50 mm (diameter) Purity 99.98+%Temper annealed. Electron beam melted. Cold drawn. Finish clean
V5629Vanadium Wire 1.0 mm (diameter) Purity 99.8%Temper annealed. Vacuum melted. Hot drawn finish.
V5632Vanadium Wire 2.0 mm (diameter) Purity 99.98%Temper Stress Relieved
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