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Rhodium is a silvery white metal with high reflectance that is hard and durable. It is a major component of catalytic systems, such as the BP-Monsanto process in industry and as part of the system in car catalytic converters used to clean up exhaust gases. Rhodium is used as an alloying agent to harden platinum and palladium. These alloys have various applications including use for thermocouple elements, laboratory crucibles, and furnace windings. Rhodium is also used for electroplating where it provides a hard surface, resistant to oxidation.

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Product line
RH2050Rhodium Foil 0.10 mm (thickness) Purity 99.98%Temper as rolled
RH5467Rhodium Wire 0.125 mm (diameter) Purity 99.97%Temper as drawn
RH5468Rhodium Wire 0.25 mm (diameter) Purity 99.96%Temper as drawn
RH5466Rhodium Wire 0.50 mm (diameter) Purity 99.9+%Temper stress relieved
RH5469Rhodium Wire 0.50 mm (diameter) Purity 99.9+%Temper as drawn
RH5470Rhodium Wire 1.0 mm (diameter) Purity 99.96%Temper as drawn
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