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Advent’s New Interactive Catalogue Search

Carli Goodfellow

Advent are pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved dynamic search feature that now powers user search across our 10,000 catalogue items.

We wanted to enable web visitors to search across multiple materials, with specified parameters on both form and dimension.

This tool allows Advent’s customers a fast and efficient way to find the products they need, with the exact specifications they are looking for.

To configure search results, users simply select the Material Classification (Pure Metals, Alloys or Polymers), and named materials e.g. Platinum and Gold, followed by form and dimension range. 

From the search results, users can purchase the items directly via the website or email a summary of search results for future reference.

As a business we strive to deliver the best possible customer experience and hope that this new feature leads to improved efficiencies for our web visitors.

To find the new search, simply click the search icon in the top navigation bar. 



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