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Zirconium Wire

5655 (2)

Product Line ZR5667

1.0 mm (diameter). Purity 97.2%. Temper annealed. Condition clean

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ZR5667075.10g0.5m$136.00 Add to order
ZR566709"1m$163.00 Add to order
ZR566711"5m$344.00 Add to order
ZR566712"10m$484.00 Add to order
Zirconium ASTM 702 temper annealed. Hazards flammable solid. Tolerance on diameter (±0.075mm) Specification analysis max ppm: Zr+Hf 99.2%min, Hf 4.6% max, Fe+Cr≤2000,H≤50,C≤600, O≤1600.
Analysis current batch Gi3004 : C 100, Fe+Cr 1000, Hf 1%, N 50, O 1500. Balance Zr + Hf 99.9% Do NOT expose to concentrated Sulphuric Acid containing ferric or cupric ions, or to mixtures of hydrochloric & nitric acids, or to ferric chloride, or to copper chloride solutions, as a pyrophoric film may be produced. Treating in hot air or steam for 20 to 60 minutes @ 250°C, can eliminate the pyrophoric film.


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