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Tungsten Insulated Wire

5250 (2)

Product Line W5584

0.050 mm (diameter bare wire). Purity 99.98%. Temper annealed. Quadruple PTFE Insulated. ~coating thickness 0.0125mm. Nominal o.d. of coated wire 0.075mm

item no
Bare wire weight/m gSizeLengthPrice in
US dollars
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W5584110.03790.05mm5m$185.00 Add to order
W558412"0.05mm10m$237.00 Add to order
W558413"0.05mm15m$292.00 Add to order
W558414"0.05mm20m$348.00 Add to order
W558415"0.05mm25m$403.00 Add to order
W558416"0.05mm50m$682.00 Add to order
W558418"0.05mm100m$1,236.00 Add to order
W558423"0.050mm500mPOAPlease contact us
W558429"0.050mm1000mPOAPlease contact us
POA = Price on application. Only available in reels of 5m & 25m only
PTFE - Polytetrafluoroethylene. Typical analysis ppm.Al<13,Ca<5,Cu<5,Cr 5,Fe<15,Mg<5,Mn<5,Ni<5,Si<6, Sn<5,K 65,Na <10,Mo<50 purity 99.95%


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