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Stainless Steel AISI 321 Foil

8178 (2)

Product Line FE6972

0.50 mm (thickness). AISI 321 Fe/Cr18/Ni9/Ti. Temper annealed. Tension levelled. Finish bright

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FE6972089.880.5 x 50 x 50mm1pc$79.00 Add to order
FE697211"0.5 x 50 x 50mm10pcs$134.00 Add to order
FE69721539.500.5 x 100 x 100mm1pc$89.00 Add to order
FE697217"0.5 x 100 x 100mm5pcs$129.00 Add to order
FE697218"0.5 x 100 x 100mm10pcs$168.00 Add to order
FE69722288.90.5 x 150 x 150mm1pc$99.00 Add to order
FE697224"0.5 x 150 x 150mm5pcs$153.00 Add to order
FE697225"0.5 x 150 x 150mm10pcs$223.00 Add to order
FE6972293560.5 x 300 x 300mm1pc$131.00 Add to order
FE697231"0.5 x 300 x 300mm5pcs$328.00 Add to order
FE69723612050.5 x 305mm Coil1m$276.00 Add to order
FE697237"0.5 x 305mm Coil2m$368.00 Add to order
FE697238"0.5 x 305mm Coil5m$717.00 Add to order
Tension levelled. Price on application. Batch #Gi4650 Tension levelled. Tensile strength 613 MPa. Yield strength 0.2% 283 MPa. Elongation 60.0%. Finish 1BA. Annealed.
(AMS 5510S) (ASME-SA-240 ED 20100 (ASTM A 240 16) Heat #836013. AISI 321 Grain size 10.0 Tolerance on thicknness ± 0.025mm. Surface finish, sampling length 0.8mm, T 0.076 - 0.188 Ra (µm), L 0.731 - 0.082 Ra (µm) Hardness value 172 HV1Kg. Actual analysis batch # Gi4650 ppm: C 100, Mn 1.79%, P 250, S 1, Si 5400, Cr 17.30%, Ni 9.18%, Mo 2700, Cu 3800, N 100, Ti 1600, Co 2300. Fe Balance.


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