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Stainless Steel AISI 304 Foil

7350 (2)

Product Line FE6920

0.0125 mm (thickness). AISI304 Fe/Cr18/Ni10. Temper fully hard

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Weight/pc (g)DimensionsQuantityPrice in
US dollars
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FE6920080.2490.0125 x 50 x 50mm1pc$136.00 Add to order
FE692011"0.0125 x 50 x 50mm10pcs$254.00 Add to order
FE6920151.00.0125 x 100 x 100mm1pc$156.00 Add to order
FE692018"0.0125 x 100 x 100mm10pcs$360.00 Add to order
FE6920222.240.0125 x 150 x 150mm1pc$175.00 Add to order
FE692024"0.0125 x 150 x 150mm5pcs$338.00 Add to order
FE692025"0.0125 x 150 x 150mm10pcs$566.00 Add to order
FE6920298.960.0125 x 300 x 300mm1pc$267.00 Add to order
FE692031"0.0125 x 300 x 300mm5pcs$833.00 Add to order
FE69203631.50.0125 x 317mm Coil1m$684.00 Add to order
FE692037"0.0125 x 317mm Coil2m$1,122.00 Add to order
FE692038"0.0125 x 317mm Coil5mPOAPlease contact us
POA = Price on application. Material meets the requirements of AISI302 & AISI304
Batch Gi3028 actual analysis ppm: C 600, Mn 1.10%, P 320, S 2, Si 4700, Cr 18.20%, Ni 8.12%, Mo 5800, Cu 4600, Fe balance. UTS 1502.02 N/mm2. Yield strength @ 0.2% offset 1359.40 N/mm2. Elongation 1.3%.


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