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Chromel (Ni90/Cr10) Wire

8560 (2)

Product Line NI6404

0.2 mm (diameter). Ni90/Cr10. Thermocouple Alloy. Temper annealed

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Weight/m (g)LengthPrice in
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NI6404110.2745m$99.00 Add to order
NI640415"25m$128.00 Add to order
NI640418"100m$180.00 Add to order
NI640423"500m$413.00 Add to order
NI640429"1000m$623.00 Add to order
® Registered Trade Mark Hoskins. Stabilised thermocouple wire. Typical analysis %: Cr 9.49, Si 0.388, Fe 0.13, C 0.020 Ni balance.


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