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Beryllium is a toxic metal and is only found naturally, combined with other elements in minerals.  Extracting beryllium from these compounds is difficult; however one popular method involves the reduction of beryllium fluoride with magnesium.  Once reduced, beryllium has a steel grey appearance.

In its pure state, beryllium is a strong, lightweight material, with a high melting point and high temperature stability.  Beryllium also has a relatively low coefficient of thermal expansion and these properties have lead to the use of beryllium in lightweight structural components in the defence and aerospace industries.  Beryllium is a highly effective moderator and reflector for neutrons and hence is used as a moderator in nuclear reactions.  Beryllium also has a relatively high transparency to X-rays and is therefore used in radiation windows for X-ray tubes.  Copper-Beryllium alloys, which typically contain up to 2.5 % beryllium have a large number of desirable properties; high strength, hardness, electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as good corrosion and fatigue resistance.  Copper-Beryllium alloys applications include springs, electrical contacts and spot-welding electrodes.

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Further properties of beryllium have been outlined below:

Beryllium Melting Point 1287 °C

Beryllium Density 1848 kgm-3

Beryllium Young’s Modulus 287 GPa

Beryllium Poisson’s Ratio 0.032

Beryllium Electrical Resistivity 3.8 x 10-8 Wm

Beryllium Thermal Conductivity 190 W m-1 K-1


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BE1107Beryllium Foil 0.025 mm (thickness) Purity 99.8%Temper as rolled. Condition vacuum tight
BE1109Beryllium Foil 0.050 mm (thickness) Purity 99.4%Temper as rolled. Condition Vacuum Tight
BE1108Beryllium Foil 0.125 mm (thickness) Purity 99.4%Temper as rolled. Condition vacuum tight
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