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Stainless Steel AISI 316 Wire

7912 (2)

Product Line FE6354

0.50 mm (diameter). AISI 316 LVM Fe/Cr18/Ni10/Mo3. Temper hard. Finish Bright. Vacuum melted

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FE6354151.56325m$153.00 Add to order
FE635418"100m$205.00 Add to order
FE635423"500m$570.00 Add to order
FE635429"1000m$805.00 Add to order
Diameter tolerance ±0.010mm. Diameter actual 0.505mm. Low carbon, vacuum melted Medical grade ASTM F138, ISO 5832-1. Tensile strength 1555 MPa. Break load 31.8Kg. Elongation 2.8%.Yield load 28.5 Kg. Yield strength 1394 MPa.
Analysis batch No. Gi4861 ppm: C 210, Cr 17.39%, Cu 800, Mn 1.73%, Mo 2.72%, Ni 14.73%, N 400, P 210, Si 4700, S 30. Fe balance. Intergran Corrosion pass.Carbide test pass. Microstructure pass. RM DFARS Compliant yes. Inclusion rating pass. Ultrasonic tested Yes. Grain size (ea) 5.0 Globular oxide thin (ea) 1.0


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