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Stainless Steel AISI 304 Wire - Straight Cut Lengths

7562 (2)

Product Line FE6198

0.50 mm (diameter). AISI304L VAR Fe/Cr18/Ni10. Temper hard. Electric arc melted - Vacuum Arc Remelted. Finish Bright.

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FE6198020.11720.5 x 75mm25pcs$138.00 Add to order
FE619804"0.5 x 75mm100pcs$197.00 Add to order
FE619809"0.5 x 75mm1000pcs$979.00 Add to order
FE619813"0.5 x 75mm5000pcsPOAPlease contact us
FE6198160.23440.5 x 150mm25pcs$151.00 Add to order
FE619818"0.5 x 150mm100pcs$277.00 Add to order
FE619823"0.5 x 150mm1000pcs$1,433.00 Add to order
FE619827"0.5 x 150mm5000pcsPOAPlease contact us
FE6198300.46890.5 x 300mm25pcs$185.00 Add to order
FE619832"0.5 x 300mm100pcs$435.00 Add to order
FE619836"0.5 x 300mm500pcs$1,391.00 Add to order
FE619837"0.5 x 300mm1000pcsPOAPlease contact us
AISI 304 L VAR. POA = Price on application. Diameter tolerance 0.50mm ±0.0102mm. Bow 0.025mm in length 305mm. Tolerance on length 75mm & 150mm ±0.5mm, 300mm ±0.76mm. This austenitic stainless steel is electric-arc melted, then Vacuum Arc Remelted (VAR) ASTM A276 implant grade.
Batch #Gi4660 Intergran Corrosion pass. Carbide test pass. RM DFARS Compliant yes. Increased corrosion resistance when exposed to 427 - 649°C. Temper hard. Tensile strength 1760 MPa. Yield load 31.40 Kg. Break load 35.2g. Elongation 2.50%. Yield strength 1570 MPa. Actual analysis Gi4660 ppm: C 140, Co 1000, Mo 3000, N 320, Si 4500, Cr 18.52%, Cu 1100, Mn 1.27%, Ni 9.96%, P 180, S 20. Fe balance.


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