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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Film

10424 (2)

Product Line FP8227

0.01 mm (thickness). . Cast PTFE

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FP8227150.220.01 x 100 x 100mm1pc$116.00 Add to order
FP822718"0.01 x 100 x 100mm10pcs$218.00 Add to order
FP8227220.500.01 x 150 x 150mm1pc$129.00 Add to order
FP822724"0.01 x 150 x 150mm5pcs$198.00 Add to order
FP822725"0.01 x 150 x 150mm10pcs$262.00 Add to order
FP8227291.980.01 x 300 x 300mm1pc$170.00 Add to order
FP822731"0.01 x 300 x 300mm5pcs$307.00 Add to order
FP822732"0.01 x 300 x 300mm10pcs$452.00 Add to order
FP8227368.90.01 x 405mm Coil1m$304.00 Add to order
FP822737"0.01 x 405mm Coil2m$376.00 Add to order
FP822738"0.01 x 405mm Coil5mPOAPlease contact us
POA = Price on application
Cast PTFE Film is a single layer, multi-laminar film. Compared to skived or extruded films, cast film has superior features: uniformity of material structure, chemical, physical & electrical properties with a tolerance on thickness of ±10%. Based on its capability to act as semi-permeable membrane, cast film is used in oxygen sensors and similar devices.


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