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Niobium Insulated Wire

2985 (2)

Product Line NB5375

0.050 mm (diameter bare wire). Purity 99.85%. Temper annealed. Condition FORMVAR insulated.

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Bare wire weight/m gSizeLengthPrice in
US dollars
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NB5375110.01695m$311.00 Add to order
NB537515"25m$924.00 Add to order
NB537518"100mPOAPlease contact us
POA = Price on Application. FORMVAR insulated (Polyvinyl Formal) thickness of coating 0.003mm/0.007mm
Gi2500 Tensile strength bare wire 992MPa. Break load 0.194kg. Gi2500 Actual analysis ppm: C 10, O 80, N 25, H<5, Ta 800, Ti <5, Fe 10, Zr<10, Si 25, Ni <5, Mo<10, W<100 Hf<50, Nb balance. The weight per metre is the weight of the bare wire only.


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