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Magnesium Sheet · Mg Sheet 4 product(s)

We stock the following magnesium sheet product lines.

Click on the product line number for prices, sizes and quantities.

Magnesium Sheet

Line number Material Dimensions Purity Description View/buy
  MG1749 Magnesium Sheet 0.25 mm (thickness) Purity 99.9% Temper as rolled View/buy
  MG1750 Magnesium Sheet 0.5 mm (thickness) Purity 99.9% Temper as rolled View/buy
  MG1751 Magnesium Sheet 1.0 mm (thickness) Purity 99.9% Temper as rolled View/buy
  MG1752 Magnesium Sheet 2.0 mm (thickness) Purity 98% Temper as rolled View/buy

If you require magnesium in thicknesses less than those shown here, see magnesium foil.

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