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We supply materials in the following forms. Click on a form to get a list of lines.

NameUnit of measurement
Filmmm (thickness)
Foilmm (thickness)
Ribbonmm (thickness)
Sheetmm (thickness)
Sputtering target / Discmm (thickness)
Wafermm (thickness)
Platemm (thickness)
Fibre Yarnmm (diameter)
Fibre Towmm(diameter)
Woolmm (diameter)
Wiremm (diameter)
Wire - Straight Cut Lengthsmm (diameter)
Thermocouple Wiremm (diameter)
Plated Wiremm (diameter bare wire)
Insulated Wiremm (diameter bare wire)
Insulated Wire - Straight Cut Lengthsmm (diameter bare wire)
WOVEN Mesh/Gauzemesh per inch
EXPANDED Mesh/Gauzemm (Original Material Thickness)
ELECTRO-FORMED Mesh/Gauzemm (Original Material Thickness)
Tubemm (o.d. x wall)
Rodmm (diameter)
Powderµ particle
Grainmm (diameter)
Pelletsmm (diameter)

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