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Carbon Sheet

724 (2)

Product Line C1181

1.0 mm (thickness). Purity 99.8%. Flexible graphite

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Weight/pc (g)DimensionsQuantityPrice in
US dollars
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C1181082.51.0 x 50 x 50mm1pc$111.00 Add to order
C118110"1.0 x 50 x 50mm5pcs$170.00 Add to order
C118111"1.0 x 50 x 50mm10pcs$222.00 Add to order
C118115101.0 x 100 x 100mm1pc$141.00 Add to order
C118117"1.0 x 100 x 100mm5pcs$267.00 Add to order
C118118"1.0 x 100 x 100mm10pcs$459.00 Add to order
C11812222.51.0 x 150 x 150mm1pc$171.00 Add to order
C118123"1.0 x 150 x 150mm2pcs$235.00 Add to order
C118124"1.0 x 150 x 150mm5pcs$475.00 Add to order
C118125"1.0 x 150 x 150mm10pcsPOAPlease contact us
C118129901.0 x 300 x 300mm1pc$380.00 Add to order
C118131"1.0 x 300 x 300mm5pcsPOAPlease contact us
C1181332501.0 x 500 x 500mm1pcPOAPlease contact us
Maximum size 1m x 1m. POA = Price on application
Density 1.0 g/cm3. Typical analysis ppm: Cl<=30, Ash <=2000, (Ash Fe<=100, Si<=100, Al<=200) S<=600, C <=99.8%


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